Did You Know?

“Many supermarkets have days when they offer discounts to pensioners. We know of many branches of Pick ‘n Pay, Spar and Checkers where discounts are offered. The secret is to ask for the discount when you go shopping.”
It is our intention to update this list on a regular basis, so if you are successful let us know.

Beware Of Scams!

A recent phone call to one of our members –

I received a call from “Vodacom Corporate” didn’t want to say his name or from which office he was calling.

I saw the calling number 031 0000 101 (from Durban).

He wanted to update my contact and other details for Vodacom.

I told him that I will not give my details over the phone and asked him why he wanted my details if, Vodacom email me my statements. He was not happy with my response and put the phone down.

Reply from Vodacom

I have investigated the matter, and this looks like it could be related to some kind of scam, to solicite you personnel information, the number 031 0000101 is a company iBurst Wireless Business Solutions, and from the investigation this number was spoofed, looks like VOIP where the identity of the number was taken over to make the call,

There are dedicated companies doing marketing for the service providers like Autopage, but in all cases it  is best not to disclose any of your personnel  information, as it looks like some companies are activating services over the phone without really obtaining the clients consent, a lot of this is going to stop with the promulgation of the Protection of personnel information bill which will become an act very soon, and companies cannot use personnel information for all types of marketing unless they have received your permission upfront to do so.