FIPS-BPS Notice to members

Ref: 2001/07/01 POPIA
Dear BPS Members   

With the implementation of the new Protection of Private Information Act (POPIA) we are required to get your consent to be part of our announcements via a WhatsApp group and or e-mail messages. Due to the way that WhatsApp group works, where there is the cell phone number of each participant is viewable in the group detail this means that by being part of this group your contact number is potentially shared with everyone else on the group.  No further  information is shared except the profile Name that you have chosen on WhatsApp (Most often your first name) *NB* This is the way WhatsApp groups have always worked and your information is not at any more risk than before.  

If you do not give consent to have your contact information on this group the only option available, unfortunately, is for you to leave the group or just not to respond to this message. Doing so will result  that you will no longer receive BPS Communication messages via WhatsApp.  

If you DO give consent then no further action is required.  Anyone remaining on this WhatsApp group by 1 July 2021 will be considered to have given consent.  WE would definitely like to stay in contact with all/most of our members.  Should you not be linked kindly e-mail our Secretary at with the name and cell number you would like to have on the group.  This way we have your permission and we can keep in contact. You will not be able to send messages on the BPS Group, but only receive messages. Any communication must be sent to our Secretary, on the contact details as listed above.  

Stay safe and Regards From  
National President

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