Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are you a Trade Union?
A No we are a society of pensioners who worked in the finance industry.

Q How do I become a member?
Complete application form

Q Can I get a copy of the constitution ?
A Download from this link – Constitution

Q Are you affiliated to SASBO?
A No, however we have a close working relation with SASBO who undertake a major portion of our administration function for us. We are also given office space in their Johannesburg Offices.

Q Do you offer funeral benefits?
A Whilst we do not subsidise funeral policies, we have negotiated preferential rates with AVBOB on behalf of our members. Additional Information regarding Funeral Costs.

Q What is in it for me to join the society?
A The main objective of the society is to assist members who are in dire straights financially or otherwise by means of grants, necessities or moral support. Refer to our document under “about us” on this website.

Q Do you have negotiating powers with the major Banks?
A No, but we do have regular discussions with them and put concerns of the members to them which they consider in a very sympathetic light.

Q Are you in a position to negotiate discounts for pensioners?
A No, but we encourage pensioners to ask for discounts and to advise us of where discounts can be obtained so that we can publish the information.

Q Do you have access to Bankmed?
A Yes. We have direct contact with them and raise issues brought to our attention and we have regular face to face meetings with them where appropriate items are discussed and dealt with.