1. Decide on the following: –
  1. Invitation List
    1. The Host
    1. The order of service
    1. Who will create a slide show of photos and/or videos?
    1. The platform that will be used e.g., Teams, Skype, Zoom
    1. The date and time of the service (bear in mind time zone differences)
    1. Who is the Tech Savvy go-to person who is will to?
  2. Assist participants in all aspects of downloading and connecting the app.
  3. Who will be available to trouble shoot technical any issues during the dry-run and the actual service?
  • Send out the invitation.

Use multiple platforms so you do not miss anyone. Text, WhatsApp, email or directly from the hosting platform e.g., Skype, Teams.

            Distribute the following with the invitations:

            What the participants need to prepare:

  1. Instructions on how to download and test the app.
  2. Local timing of the event if not automated in their dairy.
  3. Send pictures, videos, scriptures, or any other content to the host for inclusion in the memorial service.
  • Memorial Service Etiquette:
  1. How to prepare a special space where they sit for the service e.g., put a picture of the departed, have candles and matches to light before the service, have drinks or snacks they want to consume before/after the service or to make a toast to the departed.
    1. Prepare any eulogy, speeches, or other scripts they want to share during the service.
  • Before the service – complete the following tasks:
  1. Task for Speakers/s:
  1. If you are an allocated speaker (saying a prayer, singing a hymn, giving a eulogy, sharing a memory, or making a toast) please prepare what you want to say.  If you want your content (pictures, videos, or text) displayed, forward this to the host to put into the slide show.
    1. Task for Host:

Control the service, by doing the following:

  1. Facilitate introductions or hold a virtual visitation before the service where everyone can catch-up and/or speak or meeting for the first time.
    1. Go through the technical spec so everyone is able to:
      1. Mute
      1. Switch cameras on and off and adjust cameras.
      1. Know where the chats are held and how to send private or group messages.
      1. Where to click to leave the service
      1. Where to access the recorded service.
  1. Spotlight Speakers during their speeches.
    1. Mute individuals who are distracted, noisy or inappropriate.
    1. Display the order of Service.
    1. Keep to the program and watch the time.
    1. Use empathy to steer the conversation.
    1. Facilitate a celebration.
    1. Introduce Speakers
    1. Control the slide show.
    1. Facilitate an “open” session where anyone is invited to share memories or say a few words.
  • End the Service.
  1. To close the service, the host takes control and does the following:
    1. Thanks everyone for joining.
    1. Propose a final toast.
    1. Remind attendees that the recording will be available if they click back into the hosting platform.
    1. Distributes the invitations, slide show, and any other content to the attendees.